About us

INCARE is a premium medical programme for demanding clients who value their time and health. Because they know that health and time are crucial.
INCARE is run by the MEDICON group.

Why choose us


MEDICON group facilities are constantly being developed and modernised in order to be up-to-date with the latest medical trends. We make sure to focus on all aspects of providing care: new equipment, modern buildings, constant broadening of the offered fields of expertise, staffing.

The total amount of MEDICON employees is almost 900 people, 90% of which are medical staff (doctors and medical assistants).

Thanks to this, we can provide exceptional and complete care with minimal waiting times.

  • complete health care under one roof
  • high expertise – over 40 specialisations and 300 medical specialists at one place
  • minimal booking times
  • minimal waiting times
  • high quality and fully equipped technological background
  • nonstop consultation with medical staff– 24/7 incl. holidays
  • parking in front of the entrance
  • presrcription service
  • interpretation into English and Russian for foreign clients
  • easy to reach by public and private transport
  • single phone number for solving all enquiries


The MEDICON group is among the largest outpatient healthcare providers in Prague. Our clinics are located in Prague 4, Prague 7, Prague 9 and Prague 10 and employ about 300 doctors, who offer healthcare in over 40 fields of expertise.

Simultaneously, thanks to the PRONATAL clinics, it is a large provider of diagnosis and treatment of all forms of infertility including IVF (2x in Prague, in Teplice, Karlovy Vary, České Budějovice and in Kolín).

We also offer services of radiodiagnostic and imaging methods to our clients at 4 addresses in Prague. These operate all currently available modalities - ultrasound, sciagraphic roentgens, panoramatic teeth roentgens, densitometers, mammographs, CT and MRI.

MEDICON is also the second largest provider of mammographic screening, not only in Prague but in the entire Czech Republic. The MEDICON group also provides highly specialised departments, such as oncosurgery for the treatment of breast cancer (Onkocentrum Zelený pruh, Prague 4), one-day surgery with a wide spectrum of operations, a specialised clinic focused on complex care for women (Centre for Breast Diseases) and the largest gastroenterological department in Prague.

The complexity of our services is further supported by our own chain of pharmacies – PHARMACENTRUM, and shop for healthy, organic and fresh food and nutrition supplement complete with an online store Ošatka.