Services for Companies

Exceptional care without unnecessary waiting and deductable from tax

Highly specialised and non-stop medical care

Complex care from over 300 doctors at one place


A premium health programme for employers who want to offer a unique benefit to their employees because they know their health is the most important thing.

We design a health plan for your company, either in the form of comprehensive annual care or one-time preventive packages.

Plus! The costs associated with funding healthcare as an employee benefit are tax deductible.

You can always contact us with confidence.
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Choose the plan that's right for you:

Annual Company Care

Annual company care as an exceptional employee benefit.

Do you want to offer your employees convenient, fast and high-quality healthcare throughout the year? Then take advantage of our annual premium programme. We offer comprehensive health care in one place, over 40 specialties and over 300 medical professionals, quality and fully equipped technology facilities, a single phone number to handle all issues, vaccination plan and much more.
With annual care, you get minimum time your employees spend at the doctor's office and can offer a great benefit that is not yet standard in the Czech Republic at the same time.

One-time preventive packages

Want to offer your employees a win-win benefit? Want a great tool to manage your team's healthcare? Or do you just need to get your people screened before a business trip? As we all know today, good health condition is the most important thing for physical and mental performance. That's why we offer companies one-time preventative packages - just choose the one that suits you best.

One-time prevention packages are designed for those who want to know how fit their body really is, or for those who want to prevent more serious illnesses. You can choose from several types according to your individual needs.

Give your employees, and thus yourself, the best.