Services for Companies

Exceptional care without unnecessary waiting and deductable from tax

Highly specialised and non-stop medical care

Complex care from over 300 doctors at one place

INCARE is premium health service aimed at companies and demanding clients who value their health and time. Because they know that health and time are most valuable.

We offer enterprises fully individual health plans depending on the needs of the company and their employees. The programs include a year-round care or one-time prevention packages.

We offer over 40 fields of expertise, 300 medical experts and modern equipment with complete radiodiagnostic department. All at one address. Thanks to this, our waiting times are minimal. Unlike elsewhere, we do not send our patients to other clinics.

Furthermore, the costs of financing healthcare as an employee benefit are tax-refundable.

You can always reach out to us, we have been helping you for 25 years.


Yearly Enterprise Care

Yearly enterprise healthcare as an exceptional employee benefit.
We can reduce time your employees waste in waiting rooms and doctor’s offices. Thanks to having a very broad range of specialised doctors and a full in-house equipment background. Your company also has more control over preventive healthcare and can thus limit the sick days of the employees.

Included are non-stop consultations with a medical expert (24/7 incl. holidays), parking spots directly in front of the main entrance, prescription services, translation to English and Russian and vaccination plans are included.

Prices exclude VAT.

One-time Prevention Packages

A great manager benefit.

In order to be on top of one’s game, you need a solid basis. And these days, the importance of health is widely acknowledged. Therefore we offer one-time complex packages of preventive care with all the important examinations. These packages are meant for everyone who wants to know the precise state of their health, have control over it and avoid more serious illnesses in the future. Give your employees the best.

Prices exclude VAT.

Sport Office Worker Senior Prevent Prevent MAX Vegetarian Onco MiniPrevent
Laboratory analysis of blood and urine
X-ray of lungs and heart
Functional lung examination
Resting/exercise ECG / / / / / /
ECHO – ultrasound heart examination
dermatological examination
Final consultations
Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity
Ultrasound of the arteries
Test for occult (hidden) bleeding
Blood pressure measuring
Consultation with a nutrition specialist
Complex gynaecological examination (females)
Complex urological examination (males)
Rehabilitation examination
200 CZK pharmacy voucher
10 900 CZK 10 900 CZK 13 500 CZK 7 200 CZK 16 400 CZK 2 900 CZK 8 700 CZK 4 990 CZK
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