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Complex healthcare by over 300 doctors in one place

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 A premium health programme for anyone who knows that health and time are one of the most important things in life.  With us, you won't experience long time spent in the waiting room and doctors who won't pay attention to you.

We design the scope and range of care to your needs and based on our years of experience.
We offer comprehensive annual care as well as one-time preventive packages.

You can always turn to us with confidence.
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Choose the program that suits you best:

Annual care

The Annual Care Programme provides you with convenient, fast, and most importantly, quality health care throughout the year.

This type of programme is sought after by both, individuals and families. Making an appointment is easy, you spend only the necessary time in the waiting room, and you get all your appointments under one roof. We offer more than 40 specialties and over 300 medical professionals, a fully equipped technology facility, a single phone number to handle all issues and much more. Of course, we have parking place right at the entrance and prescription service.

You can be sure, that you and your family and friends will be well taken care of.


One-time preventive packages

Prevention is an integral part of health care, which is why we offer one-time comprehensive preventive care packages with a wide range of screenings. You can thus arrange medical care designed to your individual needs or to please your relatives. In fact, preventive packages make great gifts.
They can help you find out in what condition your body really is or detect potential health problems at an early stage.


Sports check-ups

Whether you are a professional or recreational athlete, undertaking a preventive sports check-up is always beneficial! In cooperation with the doctors at the Institute of Preventive and Sports Medicine, we will help you to identify what kind of sports activity is suitable for you so that you do not damage your health or do not disrupt your physical development through sport. Based on this examination, you will be advised on how to minimize the risks and compensate for the load if necessary.

Reproductive health

Are you trying to get pregnant and not able to concieve natually? Or just want to know more about your reproductive health? In cooperation with PRONATAL Assisted Reproductive Centre, we have prepared a one-time fertility test package for women. In it, we focus not only on common causes of infertility problems, but also on identifying other possible risk factors.