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Health is one’s most crucial asset. Therefore, we bring you a premium healthcare programme. InCare is meant for demanding clients who value their health and time. No more sitting around endlessly in the waiting room, waiting for an overburdened doctor.

We curate the breadth of medical services based on your individual needs and our long experience in the field. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any issue.

We have been here for you for over 25 years.

To meet everyone’s demands, we offer above-standard healthcare in the form of both one-time priority time slots or prevention packages, and also by complex year-round care for individuals and families.


Priority Examination time slot

Do you need to reach a specialist (cardiologist, diabetologist, orthopedist, dermatologist etc) quickly? In our Priority Service, we guarantee you a time slot in a significantly shorter duration compared to regular waiting times. In these cases, you do not need a request note from your doctor.

In case of MRI, CT, X-ray, DXA, spirometry, sonography, ECHO, Ergo (and other examinations requiring special equipment) and invasive treatments, we only need a request note from your doctor.

However, please always check whether you need a request note from your doctor or not.

Due to the fact that we want to offer truly exceptional treatment dates, it may happen that we will not be temporarily able to provide a timely date for selected specialties due to capacity reasons.

Prices include VAT.

Priority examination time slot
One-time price
1 500 CZK

One-time Prevention Packages

Do you want to get to know your health? Do you want to have your physical shape under control? Do you want to prevent developing more serious illnesses in the future? We offer one-time packages of preventive examinations for all.

All packages include a 200 CZK voucher to our pharmacies.

Prices include VAT.


Sport Office Worker Senior Prevent Prevent MAX Vegetarian Onco MiniPrevent
Laboratory analysis of blood and urine
X-ray of lungs and heart
Functional lung examination
Resting/exercise ECG / / / / / /
ECHO – ultrasound heart examination
dermatological examination
Final consultations
Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity
Ultrasound of the arteries
Test for occult (hidden) bleeding
Blood pressure measuring
Consultation with a nutrition specialist
Complex gynaecological examination (females)
Complex urological examination (males)
Rehabilitation examination
200 CZK pharmacy voucher
10 900 CZK 10 900 CZK 13 500 CZK 7 200 CZK 16 400 CZK 2 900 CZK 8 700 CZK 4 990 CZK
Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail

Analysis of Body Composition (with the results explanation)

Would you like to understand your body mass better and find out your proportions of muscle, fats and water? This analysis on the special InBody 230 device will give you a more complex insight into your physical shape.

The examination is fast, precise and safe and in the end, we will consult the result with you and explain all measurements.

InBody Measurement
One-time price
500 CZK

Yearly Care

This programme is meant for both individuals (Single Care) and families (Family Care). It is a comfortable, quick and high-quality healthcare programme during the entire year. For an even more complex care we also offer packages with a three-month nutrition consulting plan (yearly care + nutrition consulting), which constitutes of: 5 consultations (60 minutes each), 5 blood pressure measurements, 4 InBody measurements, 4 controlling and educating about your personal diet, education materials, 1 assisted shopping + voucher. All once as part of Single Care, or twice as part of Family Care (for two family members).

We offer medical services with short waiting times, in a broad scale of out-patient fields of expertise and modern facilities. All at one place – including all radiodiagnostics (MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray and densitometry). This programme will spare a significant amount of your time while keeping your privacy. One single phone number for solving all your requests. Of course, a 24/7 medical line including holidays, special parking right in front of the entrance and prescription services are included.

Prices include VAT.


Physiotherapy (Prague 10 – Zahradní Město) – diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the musculoskeletal system

Are you tired of being in pain? Visit our physiotherapy in Prague 10. Our facility specialises in back pain, post-operation and post-injury issues, headaches, gynaecological problems and many more. We will show you how to relieve your pain through the correct exercise and thus avoid long, drawn-out therapies.

Initial complex examination
One-time price
1 500 Kč