One-time preventive packages

Prevention is an integral part of health care, which is why we offer one-time comprehensive preventive care packages with a wide range of screenings. You can thus arrange medical care designed to your individual needs or to please your relatives. In fact, preventive packages make great gifts.
They can help you find out in what condition your body really is or detect potential health problems at an early stage.

Prevent Prevent MAX
Laboratory analysis of blood and urine
X-ray of lungs and heart
Functional lung examination
Resting/exercise ECG / /
ECHO – ultrasound heart examination
Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity
Ultrasound of the arteries
Test for occult (hidden) bleeding
Blood pressure measuring
Examination by a dermatologist
Final consultations
200 CZK pharmacy voucher
8 450 CZK 19 000 CZK
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