Analysis of body composition (with a consultation)

InBody 230 – a professional device for diagnostics and analysis of the human body. It can measure the ratio of fats, water and muscle in various parts of your body. This information is of course valuable for you to evaluate the effectiveness of training and nutrition. It can also show your risks related to obesity or being overweight or underweight.

How does the analysis look like?

It is very fast and simple, taking about 30 seconds. You are barefoot but clothed (the device accounts for the weight of clothes).

What will you find out?

  • body composition (mass, amount of skeletal muscle, fat and water, pure body mass)
  • BMI, %of body fat, waist-to-hip ratio, minimal caloric requirementsa
  • recommended daily caloric intake

Who is it for?

  • those who want to lose body fat
  • those who want to know more about their physical condition
  • those who are changing their nutrition

Patients with a cardio stimulator or other electronic health devices cannot be measured.


InBody measurement
One-time price
500 CZK

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