Yearly care Cardio

A unique combination of medical care and healthy lifestyle

Looking for a superior health program and a way to keep yourself in great shape?

With our CARDIO package, which aims to prevent heart and cardiovascular diseases, you can get everything in one. It's ideal for anyone who knows that the way to stay healthy is by following a healthy lifestyle and getting plenty of exercise.

This Package Includes:

Premium health program INCARE, which provides you with convenient, fast and quality health care all year round

  • twice a year you will undergo a comprehensive examination by our specialists with a final evaluation by a general practitioner
  • we identify risk factors according to your family history, job position, age, gender and the presence of known risk factors
  •  we focus on the most common diseases of civilization- examination by a dermatologist, resting and exercise ECG, ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and arteries, laboratory tests within the scope indicated by the examining physician, sleep consultation, X-ray of the heart and lungs as indicated by the physician
  • on the basis of the results of the comprehensive examination, we will arrange follow-up medical care and prepare a plan
  • we monitor the dates of screening and preventive examinations and actively plan their implementation with you
  • we will prepare an individual vaccination plan, including the dates of vaccination

Nutritional Therapy Treatment "Ne hladu"

  • initial consultation and measurements on the InBody 230
  • creating your unique menu full of nutritional recommendations
  • 5 follow-up sessions during which you will be consulted on how to achieve specific goals

Unlimited access to all Form Factory fitness and wellness centres, which includes:

  • the possibility of an initial consultation with a trainer
  • unlimited training times
  • modernly equipped fitness facilities
  • group exercises
  • wellness ( depending on each club)
  • training zones

Price for 12-month care

The price for corporate customers is excluding VAT.
65 000 Kč