Reproductive health

Have you been unsuccessfully trying to conceive? Or you just want to know the status of your reproductive health?
In collaboration with the Center of Assisted Reproduction PRONATAL, we have prepared a one-time fertility test package for women. Its focus is not only on the common causes of conception problems, but also on the identification of other possible risk factors.

Package contents

  • Laboratory blood tests at INCARE
  • Determination of hormone levels:

AMH – a marker of the ovarian reserve ("a biological age of the ovaries")
FSH – stimulates the growth of ovarian follicles in the ovaries
LH – releases mature eggs from the follicle
Prolaktin – controls egg maturation and menstruation
Anti-TPO – diagnosis and monitoring of autoimmune thyroid diseases
TSH – examination and diagnosis of thyroid disorders 
Glycemia – determination of blood glucose concentration 

  • Examination at the PRONATAL clinic

Comprehensive examination by a specialist in reproductive medicine, including a gynecological ultrasound and smear to detect the possible presence of chlamydial infection
Final consultation with a specialist in reproductive medicine


The Price

  8 000 CZK*

* The price for companies does not include 21 % VAT,