Physiotherapy (Prague 10 – Zahradní Město)

Are you tired of being in pain? Visit our physiotherapy in Prague 10. Book a session at our centre, where you will be cared for by Mgr. Petra Holubová, who holds a university degree from physiotherapy.

Most often, we help with:

  • Back pain (neck, chest and lumbar pain and / or spinal disc bulge)

  • Post-operation issues (care for scars, swelling prevention, restoration of physical condition)

  • Post-injury issue (after bone breakage, ankle dislocations and car accidents)
  • Headaches (caused by issues in cervical spine)
  • Gynaecological problems (painful bleeding, incontinency and functional sterility – infertility)
  • General back pain (caused by improper posture, overexercise)
  • Pain in the organ area (bloating and heartburn)
  • Enthesopathy (tennis and golfer’s elbow, heel spur, pain in the Achilles tendon)
  • Child therapy (improper posture, scoliosis, flat feet, overexercise)

What is included in the initial examination?

Kinesiology analysis (a rigorous examination of movement stereotypes and functional changes), complex analysis of the cause of your pain, personalised rehabilitation plan, presentation of resting positions and correction of breathing technique. We will recommend you proper seated posture (or proper posture during other work positions).

We also offer consulting in the following areas:

  • Adult and child physiotherapy (age 3+)
  • Acute and chronic pain therapy
  • Ergonomic consulting:
    • We can help you with setting up your work area
    • We will teach you the proper techniques of physiotherapy exercise
  • Caring for scars after gynaecological, aesthetic and other operations (e.g. C-section, breast augmentation, intestinal blockage etc.)
  • Rehabilitation after injuries and operation
  • Specialisation in neck and spinal pain
  • Diagnosis of musculoskeletal system and stereotypes

  • Compensation exercise
  • Kinesiotaping

Zahradní Město Physiotherapy price list

  • Initial complex exmamination (1hr 25 min) 1,500 CZK
  • Therapy (55 min) 1,000 CZK (Now with a 10 % discount for 900 CZK)
  • Kinesiotaping (incl. in therapy, price only for material) 1 CZK / 1 cm of material
  •  Kinesiotaping (not incl. in therapy) 200 CZK + 1 CZK / 1 cm of material
  • VAT included


 via phone : +420 272 653 884 

Adress of Zahradní Město Physiotherapy:

Chmelová 3312/6a, 106 00 Prague 10