Yearly care for corporate clients

The programme is aimed for clients who are short of time.
It is a comfortable and quick healthcare for the whole year.

Whole year care for corporate clients

We offer the high-quality facilities of the largest Czech polyclinic, where you can find a broad range of specialisations including a state-of-the-art RDG and radiodiagnostic department. Of course, a pharmacy and further services are present in the polyclinic.

The costs of financing healthcare as an employee benefit are tax-refundable.

The programme is aimed for clients who are short of time. It is a comfortable and quick healthcare for the whole year.

The services are offered at the Budějovická Polyclinic, which ensures high-quality facilities and a complex range of out-patient departments.

The yearly programme includes

  • Complex initial examination
    aimed at a general health diagnosis and family history
  • Individual healthcare programme
    curated specifically for each client based on the initial examination and targeted at prevention. Included are reminders of preventive examinations, vaccinations etc.
  • Complex year-round healthcare
    including all necessary examinations and consultations
  • Minimal booking time
    which ensures examinations without needless delays and the options to arrange an examination via phone, e-mail or a contact form
  • Minimal waiting time
    and a logical sequence of individual examinations
  • Consultations
    with a medical expert 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays
  • Interpretation
    to English and Russian for foreign clients
  • Prescription services
    by ensuring the prescription for medicine used in the long-term, which the client can pick up at the reception or have sent by e-mail as eRecept (ePrescription)
  • Parking
    comfortably right in front of the main entrance
  • A wide range of outpatient departments and modern equipment under one roof
    the Budějovická Polyclinic offers facilities for a complex range of specialisations, including a modern radiodiagnostic department (MRI, CT, sono, X-ray and densitometry)
  • Arranging specialised examinations in other medical facilities outside of the Budějovická Polyclinic

For an even more complex care we also offer packages with a three-month nutrition consulting plan (yearly care + nutrition consulting), which constitutes of: 5 consultations (60 minutes each), 5 blood pressure measurements, 4 InBody measurements. 4 controlling and educating about your personal diet, education materials, 1 assisted shopping + voucher. All once as part of Single Care, or twice as part of Family Care (for two family members).

Price for Yearly Corporate Care

24 000 CZK / 28 000 CZK (with a three-month nutrition consulting plan)

Price includes VAT.

Are you interested in a programme?

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