Services for Women

Prevention packages made specifically for women

Highly specialised doctors

Fully equipped facilities

This premium INCARE programme is aimed for women who care about their health but don’t want to spend hours in the waiting room. Our long experience allows us to curate our programme specifically for your needs.

We offer complex healthcare – over 300 doctors of 50 specialisations under one roof.

You can reach out to us. We have been here for you for over 25 years.

One-time packages for women

During the course of her life, a woman goes through different stages which require different preventive examinations. We put together one-time packages of preventive examinations based on your age.                    

We believe that prevention and timely diagnosis are crucial steps for eliminating health problems in the future

A voucher/credit to our pharmacy is included in the package.

All prices include VAT.

Female 20+ Female 46+
Resting ECG
Laboratory analysis of blood and urine (excl. oncomarkers)
X-ray of heart and lungs
Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity
Sonography (ultrasound) of breasts including axillary nodes
Nutritional consulting
Preventive examination of pigment spots on skin, removal of fibromes
Final consultation with a doctor (internist)
Pharmacy voucher
8 900 CZK 11 900 CZK
Detail Detail

Analysis of Body Composition (with consultation)

Would you like to understand your body mass better and find out your proportions of muscle, fats and water? This analysis on the specila InBody 230 device will give you a more complex insight into your physical shape.

The examination is fast, precise and safe and in the end, we will consult with you the result and explain all measurements.

InBody Measurement
One-time price
500 CZK