Yearly care

Yearly care standard

Organizing your health care

  • Our team of health coordinators can help you organize your health care, schedule a doctor's appointment or prescribe medication
  • A single telephone number to deal with all your concerns
  • Active use of telemedicine - you will appreciate it whenever you need to get an ePrescription, send test results, consult your condition with your doctor
  • Short appointment times, minimal waiting time, appointments for urgent examinations within 2 working days
  • We keep track of your appointments for you – we will automatically notify you of the appointment or regular preventive check-up by SMS
  • Extract from medical records and other administrative tasks free of charge

Premium care is STANDARD for us

  • Once a year you will undergo a comprehensive examination by our specialists with a final evaluation by a general practitioner
  • We identify risk factors according to your family history, job position, age, gender and the presence of known risk factors
  •  We focus on the most common diseases of civilization- examination by a dermatologist, resting ECG, laboratory tests within the scope indicated by the examining physician, sleep consultation, X-ray of the heart and lungs as indicated by the physician
  • On the basis of the results of the comprehensive examination, we will arrange follow-up medical care and prepare a plan
  • We monitor the dates of screening and preventive examinations and actively plan their implementation with you
  • We will prepare an individual vaccination plan, including the dates of vaccination

INCARE premium care consists of

  • Providing care in up to 40 specialties within the core departments of the Medicon Group, which encompasses the INCARE program
  • Core departments include for example the Mammacenter, PRONATAL IVF clinics, a comprehensive RDG unit with CT and MRI, a day surgery unit, spirometry, ultrasound etc.
  • Your health is monitored by a general practitioner who has access to all your medical records from our core departments
  • Arranging additional and extended examinations, including laboratory tests*
    *Note: Examinations as indicated by your general practitioner to the extent covered by your health insurance. Additional examinations are available for direct payment by the client.

Price for 12 months of individual care

The price for companies does not include 21% VAT
35 000 Kč

It is important to inform you about what is not included in the package: payments and co-payments for medication, use of extra materials and performance of extra medical procedures not covered by public health insurance outside the scope of this package. Some preventive services covered by public health insurance are subject to the client's registration with the relevant specialist. In case the client is not registered at our core department in these specialties, he/she may be charged for this procedure according to the current price list. However, we will inform you of this fact prior to performing the procedure.